Jon Eborn is the author of Get to Give, a book available on Amazon and in many bookstores that teaches the principles of “giving back”.  In the book, Jon talks about his own experiences in business and life, that have lead to the personal awareness that the whole reason we play the game, is to give back to the other players. ​  

“In contrast, by living a life that is focused on acquiring resources in order to share with others, you will find what far too many people feel is lacking in their lives, happiness. Acquiring wealth as a sort of game will leave you feeling hollow. It is like achieving the high score on the video game. Yes, you have the highest score, but then what? How has this changed the world for the better? I’m not saying that everything you do has to have a global effect toward the realization of peace and love, there are ample reasons to be still, relax, take care of yourself, have fun and even play your Xbox if you want. But why not think a little bigger now and again? Why not wake up in the morning, and lay your head down at night with a grander vision? What if you were the one who changed it all.”

Order Get To Give, by Jon Eborn online or pick it up at your local bookstore.  

See some of the more recent G2G projects we’ve been working on:

New home for family on the Navajo Reservation in AZ

Jon Eborn, in cooperation with Laki Technologies, and GroEco, both corporate clients,  we helped a family who was essentially homeless (living in this small wooden shed with a wood stove), move into a new home built from geothermal foam, and finished to the highest standards.  This family went from a shed, to a 900 sq. ft 2 bedroom, 1 bath home in a little more than a weekend.  

Entre Amigos school project in San Panco, Mexico

Working with a corporate client, Jon Eborn and a few dozen of their students, worked to help rebuild a small local school in San Pancho, Mexico that serves elementary aged children in getting the education they need to be able to graduate and eventually go to college.  We also raised a little more than $25,000 in matched donations for the school.

Road Home Service Project, SLC Utah

The Road Home in Salt Lake City, Utah serves an ever increasing homeless population with essential services like shelter, food and a warm bed.  They take in families, single moms and other individuals who need a temporary place to rest while they rebuild.  Salt Lake’s homeless population is growing and the Road Home is a vital resource to the city. 

The Book…

“However, the more resources you have, the more people you can help. Money in the hands of a person who wants to change the world for the better can be a profound and wonderful thing. Being the person to takes his or her fortune and uses it to change the world is realizing the fulfillment of your personal destiny. Such people see their hearts filled with a joy that words cannot express.”  Jon Eborn